Love Hurts At Halloween (Especially If You Are Related To Michael Myers)

Halloween is just around the corner and one of my favourite horror movie franchises is aptly named – Halloween.

I’ve also just watched the two rebooted versions from Rob Zombie and I am impressed with what’s been done with the song “Love Hurts. Originally performed by The Everly Brothers” this song has been given a horror movie makeover.

In Halloween (2007) the song is performed by Nazareth and has a rock edge which spoils the lullaby feel of the original. This fits perfectly with the character of Michael Myers in this film:

In Halloween II (2009) the song is performed by Nan Vernon and has one of the most haunting qualities I have ever heard in a song. It’s like it’s trying to say that although Michael was a serial killer, he done it for love and it was the only way he knew how to show it:

Whether you are a horror movie fan or not I hope you enjoy these two different takes on a classic song and have a Happy Halloween!