If The Police Can Quote Oasis Songs Then I Can Too

If it’s okay for the police to quote Oasis songs when reporting crimes and injustice then it’s okay for me.

Bought my soup at the canteen for lunch today, sat down. My friend noticed I was missing something…

Did you not get a bread roll with it, he asked me.

Annoyed, I swiftly turned to look at the canteen assistant who served me.

Don’t look back in anger my friend told me.

I was all like – whatever – and walked over to her.

Hey Lyla (that was the name on her badge, honest) I said to her – (what’s the story) morning glory? I said pointing at my soup.

Stop crying your heart out, you bonehead she yelled – have a soup-ersonic roll with it instead. She then launched my bread roll up in the sky.

Me and my big mouth