Cheryl Gets Her Ass Kicked By Transvision Vamp But Says “I Don’t Care”

Apparently this post could break the internet as it will contain the words Cheryl, ass, music and video…

Cheryl will be “performing live” on X Factor this weekend.

When I heard the song for the first time my immediate thought was that it had a retro vibe to it as if she had just visited the 1980s between numerous name changes…

However, if you add 1980s to “I Don’t Care” then the only true answer could ever be Transvision Vamp

I’m sorry to say Cheryl that although I do actually like your new song but despite the fact that you now swear in your songs (naughty – you have young fans!) and have proved yourself as a bit of a fighter (I refer of course to the hit song “Fight For This Love” rather than Cheryl decking a toilet attendant) Wendy James could easily kick your ass!

Keep up the good work!