Howay Man! Me Set’s Too Big, Pet, So I Cannet Sing Live

I just heard the worst excuse ever for someone trying to hide the fact that they might not actually be as good at singing as the singers that they are judging. Possibly even the worst excuse for anything…ever!

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini will not perform her new song “I Don’t Care” live on the X Factor results show on Sunday night because, wait for it, it’s a cracker:

“Logistically there isn’t time to build and remove the set live”

What the hell will she be doing – a Hollywood Blockbuster?

If I don’t see a performance of biblical proportions including, at minimum, The Titanic sinking and an Independence Day type spaceship then I will expect some serious questions to be asked!

Meanwhile, enjoy the new song and I do really quite like it.