The Story Of My Life

What would the mix-tape consist of if it was to be the soundtrack of my life?

It’s not an easy one to prepare but luckily – I’m An iTunes-aholic and I have the perfect system to work this out logically!

I have playlists for all stages in my life so I will refer to them and choose the track from each playlist with the highest play count. I knew all the hours/days/weeks that I’ve spent on iTunes was worth it.

“Sonic Boom Boy” by Westworld

This is from my “junior school” playlist


“Alright” by Supergrass

This is from my “high school” playlist


“What Have I Done Wrong” by Dodgy

This is from the “time between” playlist after high school but before college


“The One” by Backstreet Boys

This is from my “college” playlist


I think I will have to do a second part to this post as my playlists then continue for all the places I have worked. So, to finish, I will share my “vacation”, “winter” and “summer” playlists.

“We’re From Barcelona” by We’re From Barcelona

This is from my “vacation” playlist.


“Naive” by Lily Allen

This is from my “summer” playlist.


“Maria” by Blondie

This is from my “winter” playlist.