Let’s Get Physical

When/if I ever exercise what would I listen to? I’m exhausted even thinking about this but what would I include on this mix-tape?

Because The Night by Cascada

Really anything by Cascada gives me the motivation to sweat buckets. I’m pretty sure that’s not their intention but all their songs have a similar beat that makes me want to hop/skip/jump/cycle in time with the music. It’s actually a good rhythm to follow but lately the only motion I’ve been doing whilst listening to it (steady lol) is the wine glass to mouth movement….up, drink, down and repeat.


Rocket To Uranus (Jorg Schmid Remix) [feat. Perez Hilton]” by The Venga Boys

Don’t ask me why but when I did go through a period of going to the gym everyday this was one of the videos that they would play constantly. I’m quite sure all the men who paraded up and down showing off their muscles didn’t quite get the joke, not because they were stupid but because they were really stupid. Seriously, all these guys would do was walk up and down the gym and never actually do anything. Men with tiny waists and big chests who can’t even keep their arms straight by their side don’t deserve to listen to The Venga Boys anyway. Also, I saw them in the locker rooms and it wasn’t just their waists that were tiny 🙂


“Can’t Get You To Shut Up” by Black Eyed Peas vs Kylie Minogue

One day I decided to go running along the promenade by the beach. Wearing casual shoes and running on a hard surface was never going to end well. At the end my knees were killing me but I did hear this mash-up for the first time. I managed to listen to it at least 5 extra times as I crawled home.


Don’t Stop Movin’by S Club 7

Is trying to do the dance moves to a cheesy pop song in a night club whilst drunk considered exercise? If so then I failed miserably at that too….but I gave it a hell of a try!


Proud Maryby Tina Turner

After all good workouts you need to “cool down” and what better way to wind down than by listening to some Tina Turner. This song starts off niiiice and slow but don’t be fooled. It builds and builds until you are practically making that treadmill catch on fire (dresses with tassels are entirely optional)




Written by Steve

I’m Steve and live in a village called Alford (home of Emeli Sande & birthplace of the Aberdeen Angus cow) in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I currently work in the IT industry (yawn) I just want to share my ideas, findings and general reflections with whoever wants to listen.
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