Marina And The Diamonds & Take That – Two Amazing New Videos

Since Take That and Marina And The Diamonds both revealed new songs on the same day I thought it only best to share both their new videos at the same time too.

Take That’s track is called “These Days” and the video is an introduction to the “new three piece band”. It’s very light-hearted, feel good and there’s some awesome “Dad dancing”. I also love the song, there’s no lead singer as such as they all song together – again to introduce the new sound of three. Funnily enough the new album will be called “III“. Three is the magic number after all.


The video to accompany “Froot” from Marina And The Diamonds is hot off the press as it’s only just been released in the last few hours.

It’s very Art Deco and Marina even has some dance moves but I think she is poking fun at the likes of Cheryl and Lady Gaga although I could be wrong.

Either way it’s a brilliant video to an even more brilliant song and I can’t wait to hear more of her new stuff.


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