Album Reminder

I really love music and I always get excited when I discover new artists. As I mentioned in another post BIRP these playlists really do provide a good way of helping me find new music.

These days though, it’s so difficult to keep up to date with when albums are being released and especially hard when it’s artists that don’t generally get much mainstream exposure. Short of trawling through each individual artist’s website etc I couldn’t ever think of an easier solution until I discovered.

Album Reminder

The Album Reminder service is amazing!

What you do is upload your iTunes library file or use your account. Album Reminder then analyses all the artists you have songs from and then uses it’s analysing tool to send you an email whenever one of your artists release a new album.

Simply genius!

You can also manually add artists to the site but my library is too big for that. Just do whatever works for you.

It’s funny how things change but also stay the same at the same time. Years ago, every Monday I would rush to the music shops to see what new albums had been released that day, now, I look forward to getting the weekly email.

Do you already use it? Will you use it?