Don’t Waste Precious Time

“Where Did All The Time Go? And What Exactly Did I Do With It? Wasted Time!”

What songs could I include on a mix-tape to represent past mistakes?

“Nearly There” by ….Me

I’m not sure if I am allowed to do this but this is a song that I wrote and got one of my friends to put music to it and sing. I then made a very amateur video. The reason it fits well into this theme is that I wrote it travelling on an 80 mile journey I had to make to work each day because I stupidly walked out of my previous job. This was the first new job that came up and I badly needed the money by then.


“Turpentine” by Brandi Carlile

I think the line “I watch you grow away from me in photographs” just sums this up. I love Brandi Carlile and was supposed to see her live in Aberdeen however some big stupid ash cloud messed up those plans – gutted!


“Could’ve Been” by Tiffany

So, yeah a bit shopping mall cheesiness. I used to love Tiffany! Although this song may be seen by some as a bit naff but it’s the one I always play over in my head when I think of major events in my life that could’ve went in a different direction


“My Favourite Mistake” by Sheryl Crow

Everyone makes mistakes. Me more than most probably. But as Sheryl says not all mistakes have to be a bad thing.


“Dry Your Eyes by The Streets

We make mistakes. We waste time. Can we change it? No – dry your eyes and get over it!


What songs would you include?