Get Your Air Guitar Out And Rock With McBusted

Today saw the first new release from one of the best, if not the only supergroup to be to formed from existing bands. “Air Guitar” by McBusted is now available

Made up of two bands who were massive in their own right – Busted and McFly. I loved Busted and would often be heard saying “yeah, Busted rock” despite what my friends thought.

I liked McFly and think they were good too but I always preferred Busted.

They are two very similar bands so it’s great to hear them performing each other’s songs as one. One of the original members of Busted has chosen not to take part but I see that as his loss and his new band are not to my taste (or anyone else’s judging by their success, sorry Charlie).

I hope the song does well, can’t wait for an album and I would LOVE to go and see them on Tour!


……now buy