Someone Tell The Black Eyed Peas I’ve Found It – Here Is The Love


Making this kind of mix-tape might make me vomit a little bit in my mouth but what songs would I include? I’m not going into the finer details about why I’m including them but they are all “love” related to me.

“Goodnight And Go” by Imogen Heap

I really like Imogen Heap. She has such an amazing voice – very distinctive


“Might Tell You Tonight” by Scissor Sisters

You can’t beat a good Scissor Sisters song and this is one of their best. Not too dancey and not too slow. Just perfect


“Crazy” by Alanis Morissette

This is a cover version of a Seal song and is one of the rare occasions when the cover version is better almost as amazing as the original


“Rock Steady” by All Saints 

This was a great comeback song from one of the “cool” UK all girl groups. It’s a pity they didn’t then follow it up and split for good shortly after.


“Heart Drive” by Steve McPherson

This is a song I wrote and got someone else to put music to and sing it, there is also an alternative version and a I talk about it in more in detail in this previous post on “Steve Says…”