I’m Free To Do Whatever I Want

An absolute “free choice” for a mix-tape. Wow, what would I put on that?

It’s too hard so I opt to choose top songs from some of my iTunes playlists – remember I’m Steve and I’m an iTunes-a-holic!:

“I Am Not A Robot” by Marina & The Diamonds

This is the top of them all. According my last.fm playlist this is the most listened to song that I have. I’ve listened to it 182 times. I love it and I love Marina. If you have never heard of her before then I urge you to check out her stuff!


“Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga

According to my iTunes stats Lady Gaga is one my “top artists” and Bad Romance is the “top track by top artist”. Can’t argue with that!


“Christmas Day” by Dido

Well, since it’s Christmas. iTunes tells me that this is my most played Christmas song. It’s a really nice song that you could just drink wine to all year long.


“It’s Not My Problem” by Sneaky Sound System

I have a playlist called “songs to keep Greg quiet” and this song is the most played. Whenever I play a song and he says he likes it then I add it to this list so when I want to listen to music without having him complain I just play this playlist. Simple!


“Waves That Rolled You Under” by Young Summer

To ensure I listen to music that I have just added I have a playlist that keeps songs that have been added only in the last two weeks. I also sync this playlist to my iPhone & iPad so I always have new stuff on there. This is the song that has been most played that is currently in that list.