Is Barry Manilow Actually Dead?

Barry Manilow was a special guest on the Jonathan Ross show recently and it was just plain weird!

First of all he looks weird. He looks like one of the Jim Henson puppets from the film Labyrinth. When Jonathan asked him about all the reports of the plastic surgery he’s supposedly had done Barry denied it and just said that’s what he looks like when he’s 70.

Come on!

It’s as plain as the nose (natural or otherwise) on his face that he’s had work done so why deny it? It makes him look more ridiculous (if that’s even possible) by trying to pretend. His skin is unnaturally smooth and shiny, his cheekbones look like they are bursting from his face and the wrinkles around his eyes are vertical lines rather than horizontal.

When he speaks only a tiny little part of his mouth moves and nothing else – there’s no change of facial expression whatsoever and it’s basically like he’s a ventriloquist dummy. Or a corpse. Which leads me to my next point of weirdness…

Barry has just released an album of duets. That’s ok, nothing wrong with that really, except…it’s duets with DEAD SINGERS. Yes, singers such as Whitney Houston and Louis Armstrong have, without their consent, been forced to sing with Barry!

Now, in theory, this is a good idea and other people have successfully done similar projects in the past. When Barry then performed his duet with Louis Armstrong it was far from successful and it was like they were singing two completely different songs. Watch this version from another show and see what you think.

The fact that Barry kept practically hugging the TV screen from which a video of Louis was playing just multiplied the weirdness by a factor of ten!

In summary Barry Manilow is not dead – he just looks like he is and he chooses to sing with the deceased!