Is This A Case For Mulder And Scully?

My Weekly Playlist Number One this week was “Mulder And Scully” by Catatonia.

Here is my Top 10 most played songs from the last 7 days…

30th November 2014

30th November 2014

Number One this week was “Mulder And Scully” by Catatonia. Brilliant song, brilliant band and I simply love her voice.


I can’t believe it’s been well over 10 years since The Cosmic Rough Riders were on the go. I really liked them and was very disappointed when they decided to go their separate ways.


I can take or leave The Flaming Lips as I think some of their stuff is a bit “out there” for me. However, I do like “Waitin’ For A Superman” and not just because I’m a massive Superman fan.


I’ve been a keen follower of Ben Folds for a long time and I really like the simplicity of his songs.


Saint Etienne have been around for so long and they are kind of electro/indie/dance outfit and their songs are so chilled out.


Taylor Swift is everywhere at the moment and she appears to be the “world’s sweetheart” and I just think she’s ace.