Artist Of The Month: Take That

As you may know I am an iTunes-a-holic and to make sure I remember to listen to older songs, once a month I will add all songs by a particular artist to my iPod so that for that month I will have their songs pop up when I play it on shuffle mode.

For December I have chosen boy-band turned “man band” Take That.

Take That have been around for what seems like whatever and in my opinion they are better today than they have ever been!

Forming at the start of the 90s they were a five-piece and at the time I hated them simply because I was a boy and they were a boy-band.

After achieving massive success and many number one songs one of their members, Robbie – I think he was called, decided to leave and only then did I actually start liking them.

Could it be that Robbie is just a dick?

Their penultimate song before they split in 1996 “Never Forget” is still one of my favourite songs from them.

They did split. They had limited solo success but in 2005 they came back and came back with a man bang!

They were better than ever. Gary Barlow was slowly becoming an idol of mine and they were gaining a whole new fan following.

Sadly, they thought taking Robbie back would have been a good idea as they felt sorry for him and the fact that his own solo career was in swift decline.

So, much like some people adopt a dog, they adopted a dick!

Gary went on to prove all his critics wrong by becoming one of the best judges on the X Factor, putting the “fat dancer” nonsense to bed and turning into a really good-looking man producing brilliant tunes.

Earlier in the year Jason Orange decided to leave the band but this has only allowed Howard to shine out even more as proved on their lead single from their forthcoming album.

I am really looking forward to hearing more of Take That’s back catalogue on my iPod in December and even more excited to hear their new album “III

Apparently Robbie The Dick has decided to rush release his latest album on the same day as Take That release theirs. What can I say?

He. Is. A. Dick. I hope he bombs!

Good luck Take That!

……now buy