Madonna’s new song, “Rebel Heart”, has apparently leaked online. Is it time for music artists to re-think they way they release their new music?

These days somebody, somewhere is always going to try and get hold of, and leak new material from pop stars. It’s just the way of the digital age.

Yes, of course it ruins it for everyone as it’s not the artist’s decision and it’s usually a poor quality copy but once it’s out there is no going back.

I think the days where musicians allow months and months of hype and promotion for a new album are well and truly gone. As soon as the material is finished it should just be a case of, just as Beyoncé did:

“hey fans, here’s a new album – surprise”

That way, the artist is back in control of their songs and winning in the war against the hackers/leakers/pirates. There’s no harm in them hyping and promoting it even after it’s been released, is there?

The leaked clip has since been removed as far as I can tell, but I’m sure the “die hard Googler” could find it again

What do you think? Is the”write, record, release” a good process to follow?

Written by Steve

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