Bring Me Back Some Good Songs, Please

You have to travel back in time to 2013 – what songs would you bring back to put on a mix-tape?

“Another Love” by Tom Odell

I love this song and so glad I finally started listening to him. It did take a while for me to recognise how brilliant his songs were.

If you’ve never heard of him then I would urge you to start with this track and I can guarantee you will want to hear the full album.



I nearly peed my pants when I realised how much I liked this song and also other tracks from the album. It’s a hop, skip and a big f*** off jump from my usual listening tastes as I discussed in this review. It’s a real stomper of a tune and I think I almost blew my B&O earphones when listening to it on the train.


“Losing Sleep” by John Newman

Although this guy only looks about 15 I won’t hold it against him (yes I will, bastard!) his voice is so fantastic. I didn’t really rate him at first but after hearing this track I soon changed my mind. He’s pretty big in the UK just now and I can only see it getting better for him.


“Let Me Go” by Gary Barlow

Although Mr GB has been around forever, he released his first solo album in over 10 years at the end of last year. I love it. I love him. End of.


“I Hope” by Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca was runner up in UK X-Factor a few years back, she has such an amazing voice I just can’t see why she hasn’t taken over the world yet. This was the title track from her second album and is just a belter of a song. Interestingly, although she hasn’t had the success she deserves, she has been around longer than the person who won in her X Factor year. If you ever watch her in an interview she is so humble and shy, you would never guess she has that voice inside of her.