Eurovision Song Contest Rewind: 2014 Belgium

I thought I would take a stroll down Eurovision memory lane and remind myself of my first impressions of all the songs from 2014. Belgium didn’t make it past the semi final.

If Luciano Pavarotti and Susan Boyle had a love child then the Belgian entry this year is him.

This boy can sing there is no doubt about that. No gimmicks, no performance – it’s all about Axel Hirsoux’s voice.

He also like to wear bow ties – bow ties are cool.

The song itself, however well it is performed, is a strange choice. It’s rather sad for a grown man to be singing about his mother is it not?

If the creepy woman dancing behind him on the stage is actually the mother that he sings of then all I can think about now is Norman Bates.

Great voice but I don’t like the song, sorry Norm.


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