Give Your Ears A Christmas Gift – Bang And Olufsen A8 Earphones

Christmas gifts for music lovers

How do I like to listen to my music on the go? I love my Bang & Olufsen earphones – simple as that.

I have a few Bang & Olufsen audio products – BeoSound One, BeoSound Century and BeoPlay A3. I’ve recently sold my Century and got the BeoPlay A8 – it’s amazing. I used to work for the company and that’s when my passion started. The main reason I have chosen the A8 earphones as my favourite is probably because it was my very first purchase as it’s all I could afford at that time and I would say they’ve been the most used.

I find them the most comfortable earphones I have ever worn. You forget you are wearing them most of the time and because they hook over your ear there’s no chance of them falling off when you exercise (so I’ve been told). Big ears or small ears, it doesn’t matter as they adjust for all ear types.

My set recently had an unfortunate incident involving my cat and I had to use Apple ones until I got a new set. They were ok, don’t get me wrong, but after an hour or so they started hurting my ears and the sound was poorer than what I am used to.

They come in all sorts of funky colours these days but I still love the original black colour. You get a neat little leather pouch to store them in but I have no need for that and they alone fetch around £30 on eBay.

Granted, they do cost that little bit extra but one of my friends has gone through several sets of less costly earphones and has probably ended up paying more in the grand scheme of things.

If you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift for yourself or another music lover then these would be a great option.

If you do decide to invest in a pair then make sure you avoid the cheap, fake ones on eBay.

If you need more convincing then please do get in touch and I will happily help.