I recently visited the local Chinese restaurant. It’s always a really pleasant experience with good food and good service but this time there was a little something extra.

Usually it is very quiet which isn’t surprising considering the village is small and most people would simply get a takeaway rather than eat in. We pretty much always eat in as it’s much more fun having someone serve food to you.

Since it is a quiet place you notice the music more. Normally, the background Chinese music they play is, what I call “music to kill yourself to”, as it is so depressing but last night was different!

What can only be described as a “Chinese Eurovision Song Contest” song came on and it had me doing two things. One, bouncing along whilst eating my prawn crackers and two, reaching for my phone so I could Shazam this bad boy. Not really expecting to get a signal, let alone Shazam to recognise the song I was over the moon when I got both.

I then had more wine and forgot all about it until earlier the following day…the name of the group is “TF Boys” and basically they are an extremely young boy band from China. My Chinese isn’t great so even a quick Google of them didn’t help much. On the upside, I did find a the video for the song and to say it’s a little wacky is an understatement.

It’s certainly fun and from what I can make out is that the three boys attend a school with a monster for a teacher while fellow pupils are dressed up like superheroes. Go ahead and watch and I guarantee you will be singing the tune for hours.

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Written by Steve

I’m Steve and live in a village called Alford (home of Emeli Sande & birthplace of the Aberdeen Angus cow) in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I currently work in the IT industry (yawn) I just want to share my ideas, findings and general reflections with whoever wants to listen.