I know what the Number One song in the UK was when I was born but what was the Number One album?

When I was born on 22nd March 1978, the number one album was “The Album” by Abba.

Wow, I couldn’t really have wished for a better album. Everyone loves Abba, don’t they? Over 350 million albums sold, champions at Eurovision – not that I like Eurovision, of course and dare I say fashion icons of a generation?

They’ve been made countless offers to reform and could no doubt make billions by deciding to get back together. Although, along with the rest of the universe would love for that to happen part of me wishes it will never happen simply because it might just ruin their magic.

Perhaps not the most imaginatively title album, did it contain some fantastic songs or what?

“Take A Chance On Me” – possibly one of their most recognised songs.


“Thank You For The Music” – no, Abba – thank you!


A new song for me is “Move On” which has made me realise how many Abba songs there are that I’ve not yet heard and how much it makes me want to go listen to them.


What about you? What was at the top of the album charts when you were born?

I use everyhit.com to find out my facts.

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Written by Steve

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