Shut Up – My Favourite Song Is Playing

Possibly one of the most difficult mix-tapes in the history of mix-tapes. Favourites!

I was reluctant whether to post this or not as it has always been one of the hardest questions to answer as there are just so damn many.

I’ve restricted it to three songs and tried not to think too hard about it as others will start coming to mind.

So, here goes.

(1) Torn by Natalie Imbruglia

This has been an ongoing favourite of mine simply because it reminds me of a great period in my life. It was released when I first went to University and everything was different, new and exciting. Every time I hear this song it just takes me back to that time. Love. It.


(2) I Am Not A Robot by Marina & The Diamonds

This is quite a “new entry” but it is in my favourites to stay. I didn’t actually think too much of it when I first heard it so it’s definitely a grower. I love the simplicity of the song and the ups and downs of Marina’s voice. I urge everyone to have a listen to more of her music.


(3) Dignity by Deacon Blue

I didn’t discover this song until the band announced they were splitting up (the first time) and couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard it before. I really like the storytelling of the song and Ricky’s gravel tone voice just adds to the fantastic narrative.


(okay so I have an extra one) Caledonia by Leon Jackson


I’m putting this in as my favourite “Scottish” song. There are many versions of this song but this is the one I have listened to most. I listen to the lyrics and just wonder how much I would miss Scotland if I ever left. It makes me feel very proud to be Scottish and makes me realize I probably don’t appreciate it enough.

Well, that’s mine. I look forward to hearing other people’s favourites so please share.