Eurovision Song Contest Rewind: 2014 France

I thought I would take a stroll down Eurovision memory lane and remind myself of my first impressions of all the songs from 2014. Sadly, France finished in last place.

Since France are one of the “Big Five” countries they will always be guaranteed a place in the final so basically their entries can be as crazy as they want and they will still qualify.

This year’s entry from Twin Twin is called “Moustache” and, funnily enough, is borderline crazy.

There are a few things that I don’t understand about this entry:

  1. Why are they called Twin Twin – I see no obvious twins?
  2. Why would anyone want to have a moustache?
  3. What on earth is going on in the video?

Of all the non-English singing entries the French entries are usually the only ones that I can pick out a few words I can translate and that’s always fun.

All craziness aside the song itself is quite catchy and I’m sure it will be a great performance on the night whilst picking up a few points but I don’t think it will be anywhere near the top five.

Good luck guys!

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