I know what the Number One album in the UK was when I was born but what was the Number One album at other milestone birthdays in my life.

When I was sixteen on 22nd March 1994, the number one album was “Music Box” by Mariah Carey.

1994 was possibly the peak of Mariah’s career and I was never her biggest fan.

Breathing in tune, for me, isn’t actually singing.

Saying that, I did quite like the two biggest songs to come from this album – “Without You” and “Hero”.


As for all the other tracks on the album I don’t know them and have no inclination to listen to them right now or, in fact – ever!

On the subject of Mariah, there’s pretty much no escaping her at this time of year as every time you switch on the radio there she is belting out “All I Want For Christmas” but it’s become quite clear that she just doesn’t have the voice anymore as this recent video of her isolated vocals from a performance at The Rockefeller Center proves.


The obvious thing to say is that all Mariah wants for Christmas is a new voice but I shall say all I want for Christmas is for Mariah to shut the hell up!

Merry Christmas Mariah!

Written by Steve

I’m Steve and live in a village called Alford (home of Emeli Sande & birthplace of the Aberdeen Angus cow) in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I currently work in the IT industry (yawn) I just want to share my ideas, findings and general reflections with whoever wants to listen.