I thought I would take a stroll down Eurovision memory lane and remind myself of my first impressions of all the songs from 2014. Not surprisingly Georgia didn’t make it past the semi final.

What the absolute f***?

Imagine every type of music you have ever heard and combine it with Lord Of The Rings and The Matrix and you’ve got Georgia’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest.

This is absolutely stark raving bonkers and I can tell you now it’s probably going to win.

It’s so “out there” that the judges/voters are going to choose it to prove a point or something. It’s 100/1 just now at the bookmakers so I might as well put a bet on right now except I can’t because I lost all my money on the Grand National today.

It’s not for me I’m afraid. I don’t get why a bushy haired Shakira is singing in the Shire with a bunch of Hobbitses and then there’s a feather blown Matrix style interlude. Oh yes, and there is a spot of yodelling.

Good luck The Shin & Mariko (from planet Earth to whatever planet you are from)

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Written by Steve

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