The Soundtrack Of Escaping

When an opportunity of a road trip came up, travelling from Aberdeen to Tillicoultry, I had to try and capture the entire journey in time lapse format – there and back. Again – the biggest question was what soundtrack to use?

I’d seen it done in movies so armed with my camcorder and some sellotape to attach it to the dashboard (who needs expensive equipment?) off we went.

I really liked the results, especially the way the clouds move around. I struggled when deciding which song to choose because it had to be quite fast paced but also fitting to the video.

Eventually, I picked “Escapee” by Architecture in Helsinki. It was a perfect fit and the title suggested an escape from city life to something much more relaxed.

Here it is – from Aberdeen to Tillicoultry in just over 5 minutes.

Oh yeah and don’t watch if you get car sick.


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