Eurovision Song Contest Rewind: 2014 Greece

I thought I would take a stroll down Eurovision memory lane and remind myself of my first impressions of all the songs from 2014. Greece finished in 20th place.

Greece usually stick with a “traditional” sound to their entry in that when you hear it you can always tell it’s came from Greece.

This year it’s very different.

This year we have Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd singing “Rise Up” and it’s a mixture of rap and dance music. The main singer looks like he could be a long-lost relative of former X Factor winner Shayne Ward and the rapper (or bouncer up and downer) wouldn’t look out-of-place in a JLS tribute band.

The song isn’t too bad and I could see myself listening to it after a few glasses of Ouzo whilst dancing the night away in Faliraki.

Not a winner but not a loser in my opinion.

Good luck guys!

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