Now Would Be Good

This is a song I wrote which my friend put music to and sang. She also got her friends together and actually took it one step further and put beats and stuff to it. I really liked the end result and started making a video to go with it.

I had grand ideas for the video which involved me and Greg climbing up a hill to a rundown old barn, holding up chalkboards with televisions drawn on them and moving/dancing around the barn.

How does he put up with my crazy ideas you might well ask!

I got the footage I wanted but when it came to editing it I just wasn’t happy with it so that’s safely stored away in a folder and I simplified the video to what you see here. The inspiration for the song came from one of my managers I had in a previous job who shall remain nameless 🙂

It is very amateur but it is what it is and I had lots of fun with it.

One day I might use the scrapped footage so be afraid, be very afraid!