Who Needs To Win The X Factor Anyway?

My Weekly Playlist Number One this week was “Up” by Olly Murs.

Here is my Top 10 most played songs from the last 7 days.

21st December 2014Number One this week was, one again,  “Up” by Olly Murs. I still can’t get enough of this song right now.


One Direction have come a long way since not actually winning the X Factor. They’ve turned from little boys into young men and are constantly producing really polished songs like “Night Changes“. What’s even better is that they are capable of doing a brilliant, live performance too.


A band I just discovered these week were Haerts and I think I am really going to be listening to them a lot as they seem to be a mixture of a lot of artists I already like all rolled into one.


Finally, the wonderful Jay Brown released her song “Diamond” this week and I was lucky enough to have a chat with her. Check out the song!