10 Bands You’ve Probably Never Heard: The Letter B

Fish Of Gold

This is the series where I share with you some great bands that should be more famous. This post contains bands that start with the letter B (according to my iTunes anyway).

It seems there are a lot of good B bands since I could easily do another post just with Bs. I had a hard time narrowing down which ones to feature. I chose either my favorites or bands that are very unknown.

 The Bakerton Group

The Bakerton Group is an instrumental side-project of Clutch (probably my favorite band). TBG contains all the members of Clutch, so of course, they sound a lot like Clutch, but they’re more jammy, psychedelic and experimental. In short, they’re awesome.

Origin: Germantown, Maryland
stoner rock, blues rock, instrumental
Years active: 1999–present


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