Eurovision Song Contest Rewind: 2014 Latvia

I thought I would take a stroll down Eurovision memory lane and remind myself of my first impressions of all the songs from 2014. I am very sad to say that Latvia failed to qualify for the final.

Everything that is sensible is telling me that I just shouldn’t like this song but I do, it’s just a whole lot of fun in 3 minutes.

Performed by Aarzemnieki, the title of the song is pretty much as ridiculous as the lyrics but as soon as I heard the acoustic guitar I was hooked. The lyrics were still a little “hmmmm?” but then as soon as the chorus kicked in and the little man starting shaking his shaker thing I was hooked.

They are all having so much fun at that cabin in the woods that I would just love to be there too.

Good luck with the contest and good luck with the cake Aarzemnieki!


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