Talking To: Cara Mitchell

Cara Mitchell is a singer/songwriter from Aberdeen – a local girl! I recently caught up with her to ask her a few questions.

This girl is going to be massive in my opinion. Her “Afraid Of The Dark EP” is out now and  is described as “unique, mature, and dreamy” and “so impressive it should have been the work of someone twice her age”


Here’s what she had to say:

It’s a crazy time of your for everyone – what have you been up to this week?

Well, I’ve been working a fair bit in the coffee shop I work in with it being Christmas, and I’ve managed to squeeze in a few nights out too.


Keeping the work/life balance in perfect order then – good stuff! You are only 19 and you have already played one of the biggest venues in Aberdeen but what is the best gig you have played?

Playing a sold out Aberdeen Music Hall show was amazing at such an early stage. It was a great experience and such a good show to get. There have been so many others that stand out though. I’ve been really lucky to support some amazing artists so far. There were some lovely shows on the UK tour I’m just back from as well. It was really good to be playing in new cities and for there still to be people coming to see me. I’m really looking forward to doing some dates in the Highlands in February when I’ll be visiting places like Ullapool and Stornoway!


Fantastic – just please don’t forget about us people up in Northern Scotland when you are a superstar as that seems to be what happens! You’ve been compared to the likes of Bjork and Ellie Goulding – do you see yourself going down the singer/songwriter/electronic route or keeping it acoustic?

I think my style is always changing so you never know what might happen. I had a lot of fun on the new EP trying out new instruments and I think at some point I’d like to look at having a live band with me, but we’ll see what happens.


Your new EP sounds amazing – what is your songwriting process?

It can vary. Sometimes I get an idea and I just have to turn it into a song. I guess a lot of it comes from personal feelings and experiences but the actual process is different every time really.


Well that sounds to me like you wouldn’t be a fan of The X Factor? It’s just ended – fan or no fan?

Personally I’m not really a fan of this type of show. I feel a lot of the artists can be manipulated and exploited on them. I think it’s better to work hard, write your own songs and enjoy what you are doing rather than being forced into things. I was actually invited to the auditions for Britain’s Got Talent right at the start. I think my manager was scared to tell me in case I wanted to do it haha, but there was no chance I would have said yes.


You could have been doing what previous winner Jai McDowall is doing now which is……anyway – what’s on your mp3 player right now?

I listen to a pretty wide range of music but probably the likes of Lucy Rose, Laura Marling and Lisa Mitchell. I think they are all great. I have been listening to a bit of Neil Sedaka recently though!


Wow – a possibility of a duet with Neil Sedaka? That would be very Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett-esque.

You have already secured support slots with many great artists including Emeli Sande. Once you have hit the big time which up and coming artists would you like to see supporting you?

I don’t know about them supporting me but I’d love to play with Frightened Rabbit. I think I’d settle for being the support act there though! I love checking out new artists so I think if I was choosing supports I’d try to pick younger and newer people to give them the chance that so many bigger bands have given me so far.

Pay It Forward with music – I love that philosophy! Do you know what the number one song was on the day you were born?

Apparently Simply Red’s “Fairground” was! I may have needed the help of Google for that though!


Oh dear! Mick Hucknall – that’s unfortunate, never mind it’s still quite a good song.

How did you spend your Christmas?

I had a nice Christmas with my family and my dog Flynn! There may or may not have been wine involved!


Wine must always be involved. Aside from a nice bottle of wine – what’s the best Christmas present you have ever been given?

I got a gumball machine when I was 10. Nothings beaten that since!

Excellent, easily pleased is what I like – thanks for answering my questions, have a great 2015 and hopefully I will be able to come along to one of your gigs!


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