10 Bands You’ve Probably Never Heard: The Letter E

Fish Of Gold

I have a very large, diverse music collection. This is the series where I share with you some great bands that should be more famous. This post contains bands that start with the letter E (according to my iTunes).


This band makes excellent background music. Slow, instrumental and perfect for just zoning out.

Origin: Olympia, Washington
Drone metal, experimental rock, post-rock, minimalist
Years active: 1989–1997, 2003–present


Instrumental neo-psychedelica that’s just awesome. Nice little riffs with a spacey feel and a garage band/DIY quality about it that’s less annoying and more organic.

Origin: San Diego, California
psychedelic rock, instrumental rock
Years active: 2001—present

El Gran Silencio

The Big Silence is anything but silent. These guys make you want to shake your money-maker. Plus, they have a brass section and an accordion! I wish I could roll my Rs.

Origin: Monterrey, Mexico
cumbia, Mexican cumbia, Latin rap

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