It’s been reported after the success of Top Of The Pops on Christmas Day that it might be making a more permanent return to our screens.

I grew up watching Top Of The Pops. Every Thursday night I was there, ready to watch and record my favourites from the Top 40 that week onto VHS.

I was sad to see it end but I think it just couldn’t adapt at that time to the changing world of music and media.

Perhaps now it has?

For a chart show it has so much competition these days – especially when you can watch the chart live as it happens now as well as just listen. People don’t have to wait for a whole week to see their favourite video now and they even have instant access to popstars through channels such as Twitter.

The time slot would need to change. Think of how well shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor perform on a Saturday evening and schedule accordingly.

Of course, it would still need to show the charts, have live performances and videos from current acts and that particular week’s number one. That used to happen within a half an hour slot so if they extend it by an extra half hour there is potential to add in so much more.

The success of radio shows such as Live Lounge prove that we like to see current acts singing other acts current songs so make that a feature.

So many stars are discovered on YouTube these days so a segment dedicated to that would work really well.

Really great bands and singers these days struggle to make it because of everyone else with no talent trying to be a popstars – sometimes even succeeding. A “reporting scout” could find and introduce unsigned, undiscovered music to the masses (if you are stuck for people to be the scout I suppose I could do it).

There’s no getting away from the fact that shows such as The Voice and The X Factor are popular but combine that with an element of the show Fame Academy and let the audience follow true talent, developing a song and video from conception to release.

Finally, I’m all about the retro and I’m not the only one as I read an article recently that more and more people are listening to charts from decades gone by. Bring back the oldies, have them do their own song and cover a version of whatever that week’s Number One happens to be. The show Hit Me Baby One More Time tried this but it made it into a competition with each episode lasting an entire hour and there’s only so much retro even I can cope with in one day!

I’m really excited to see what happens!

That’s my suggestions, what would yours be?

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