My Music MemoriesAt the start of the New Year while Steve and I were exchanging pleasantries, he told me there was a guest post slot with my name on it – if I was interested that was. My initial thought was WTF!? Is he crazy, and then it turned to abject terror. I’ve never been asked to guest post before and while I understand there is a first time for everything, it doesn’t stop the nerves kicking in. I asked him what the requirements were, a crafty attempt to ascertain my subject matter, but he pretty much told me I could write about anything I wanted. I said I’d think about it.

I did think about it, obviously.

I have been told I have a very strange taste in music, I like all things chilled out, but sometimes it can be a little too morose for other people’s tastes. It is what it is and I like what I like.

I love that music helps me remember, transporting me back to the first time I heard a certain song, almost reliving a moment. Over the years we amass a huge collection in our heads, but usually, out of the many we enjoy there are a few which stand out from the crowd. I thought I would take you back to my younger years and share some of the delights I discovered in the 80’s and 90’s.

My Uncle (yes you Uncle Bryan) was big into his music and every time I went to stay with my Grandfather I would be allowed to listen to the LP’s and singles. For the younger generation, please note, there was life before CD’s and MP3’s. I would pester my Uncle to make me mix tapes, because his music was a large collection of the weird and wonderful, and I loved it.

My favourite three and always included on every mix tape were:

The Kinks – Lola (1979)


Laid back rifts and 100% worthy of bad singing and air guitar.

The Flying Lizards – Money (1979)


Strangely I always thought the girl in this sounded like the Queen, don’t ask me why. Imagine my surprise when years later this song would also feature in one of my favourite films, Empire Records.

The Stranglers – Waltzinblack (1989)


I loved this song, but ultimately found it a little creepy when all the laughter starts at the end. It’s like a fairground attraction gone wrong.

It was then that my own tastes started to broaden.

Adam & The Ants – Antmusic (1980)


Kings of the Wild Frontier was the first album I ever bought. I loved Mr Ant and his Antmusic, I wanted to wear white socks like Dirk, stop being a goody two shoes and find my own Prince Charming.

The Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star (1979)


It’s timeless isn’t it? What’s not to love about this song? Poppy, repetitive and totally addictive.

The Beat – Can’t get used to losing you


I always did love something with a beat. Another tune that is addictive and worthy of belting out full pelt in the shower.

King – Love and Pride


In keeping with the pop theme, here comes King, suited and booted, usually in DM’s might I add. This might have been the song that first made us prance, point and punch, in a dance like way of course.

The Art of Noise – Close to the Edit


I adored this song, in fact I probably still possess the 7” single. Another to add to the list of weird but totally addictive.

McAlmont & Butler – Yes


I can’t remember too many of their other songs, but for some reason this one always stuck in my head. Yes McAlmont & Butler I felt better after listening to your song as well.

I could go on all night, there are many, many songs from my youth that I could share, however time is precious and so is my wish not to put you all to sleep. Let’s end on a high with possibly one of my most favourite songs ever, see how I saved my best till last.

Teardrop – Massive Attack


I hope you enjoy my little collection of the weird and wonderful. It’s been fun reliving the memories, perhaps I might even do this again sometime.

What was your favourite tune of the 70’s, 60’s and 90’s?


Written by The Indecisive Eejit

Strange but Funny. Funny but Strange. Proud to be an Eejit!