Mr Polly And His Adventures In Karaoke

Since I was the tender, young age of 17 I have been working in pubs/bars at various different levels doing every role you can think of. At 20 I made my first move into management and for the past 9 years I have been DJ-ing in the various venues I have been involved with.

The last 18 months I have evolved into a karaoke DJ and most of the time I love it.

It was at the age of 27 that I discovered my love for karaoke through a chance drink in a Chinese karaoke bar in my local city centre.

This chance night and random venue became a home to my friends and I for a good 2 years before it closed.

Currently I’m the ‘Mr Wolf’ character in a traditional pub in the city. I’m the guy who fixes everything, the guy who holds it together. Not the hero your pub wants but the hero your pub needs!

Friday and Saturday nights, however, I am the DJ, the entertainment, the music man… All of which people assume I chose as a career when in fact I just got lucky, was good at enjoying myself and taking people on the enjoyment ride I embarked upon. Because people assume I chose the job – I’d rather say the job chose me – they assume I know a lot about music, they assume wrong. What I do know is how to start and how to keep a party going. I’m a DJ who knows nothing ’bout nothing. In fact when I’m not playing music I’m not listening to it. I prefer silence – with spatterings of Classic FM.

A few of my Karaoke songs of choice:-

American Pie – Don Mclean, the full 8:40 version. This also happens to be one of my favourite songs.


Mack The Knife – Bobby Darin. My ‘go to’ karaoke song, honestly I love this song!


Right Here Waiting – Richard Marx. I used to sing this with my old mate. We fell out years ago but we had this and we nailed it every time!


I Am A Woman In Love – Barbra Streisand. My friend Matt sang this once and convinced me to help out, it was ‘Totes Emosh’


Fuck Her Gently –Tenacious D. Another ‘go to’ song, I promise if you can sing this then the crowd will love it!


Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations. Me and a ‘kinda’ ex girlfriend from 12 years ago sang it together at Christmas and it was just amazing. She’s still one of the ones that got away but it’s still our song.


I Dreamed A Dream – SuBo version (without question). There was one glorious time when I sang it really well!


Is This The Way To Amarillo/Avenues And Alleyways -‘Tony Christie Double’. I’ve done the double many times, it’s part of a set list of songs to play now. If you don’t know Tony Christie then you should!


Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond. Currently my favourite, but a definitive crowd pleaser. Just annoys me when the said crowd does this “Ba Ba Ba Baaa”… There’s instruments for that bit!!!


I love singing and people who can sing (even some that can’t).

What are your favourite songs to sing?

Even if you think you are tone deaf you, at some point, will have learnt most of the words for a song and will hum away to yourself.

song you know