Belle and Sebastian’s Top 10 Songs

Consequence of Sound

Belle and Sebastian formed just over 19 years ago in Glasgow, Scotland. And within that first year of 1996, they had already released two classic albums and managed to charm fans all over the world in a pre-internet era that seems daunting, especially when you consider the same couple years also featured in-your-face breakthroughs like Radiohead’s OK Computer, Beck’s Odelay, Spiritualized’s Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, and many others.

Belle and Sebastian didn’t overwhelm with their sonics, but rather with the familiarity and beauty of Stuart Murdoch’s melodies, the vividness and quirkiness of his characters, and the assembly of a band of everymen (and women) who were very much not rock stars. At a time before Pitchfork and indie rock were a commodified industry, Belle and Sebastian laid the groundwork of earnest songwriting that a whole culture would build off.

Yeah, we can say all…

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