Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Spain – “Dancing In The Rain” by Ruth Lorenzo

Eurovision Spain 2014

Eurovision 2014 – Spain

The Spain song was called “Dancing In The Rain” and performed by Ruth Lorenzo.


The day Ruth was born she screamed so loudly during the birth that the doctors said she would be a singer. They were right. At the early age of two Ruth was singing along to the songs from Annie and at the age of six, after listening to Spanish opera singer Montserrat Caballé, she started singing opera.

At twelve years old Ruth and her family left Murcia (south east Spain) and moved to the United States. There, Ruth took every music, theatre, dance and choir lesson going on. She was put into competitions and played the lead roles in The Phantom of the Opera and My Fair Lady, developing her singing and stage skills.

But it was when Ruth was sixteen years old when, after moving back to Spain, she took singing lessons and decided to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. For three years, she toured around Spain with her rock band and discovered that she wanted to make a living out of music, but things were not easy for her.

In 2008 she decided to try out auditioning for The X Factor. “I had to come to England to try and achieve my dreams”. When she arrived to the auditions in Manchester she almost went back home, “there were 22.000 people there and I was thinking ‘How the hell am I going to do this?’” But Ruth is a fighter, and she made it all the way through until coming fifth in the competition giving some outstanding and breathtaking performances such as Bon Jovi’s Always, Bob Dylan’s Knocking on Heaven’s Door and Prince’s Purple Rain were an instant Internet sensation (over 100 million YouTube hits) . She also had the chance of singing with worldwide artists such as Mariah Carey, Take That or Beyoncé and was publicly supported by the likes of international stars Judi Dench, Johnny Depp or the Brtish Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

After a successful European tour (over 200 concerts) Ruth has published various singles such as Burn (2011) and The Night (2013). Dancing in the Rain has already been #1 on iTunes and charted at #7 in the Official Spanish Chart.


I thought Spain have “nailed” it in 2014. Everything about it screamed winner! Excellent choice with Ruth Lorenzo. The UK loved this “titty Spaniard” ever since she was in X Factor. Singing a beautiful ballad in a great Spanish voice and also parts in English I thought this had to do really well!




“Luz, yo quiero ver luz
Poder pintar de color un nuevo amanecer
Vivir, amar,
Sentir y saber que

Hoy, puede que no salga el sol
Aunque llueva
Tú y yo sabremos bailar
Nadie nos puede parar

We’re dancing in the rain
Dancing in the rain

Life, gets you every time
Open up ,
You never know what you will find
You never know what waits inside

So, live
Like you’ll never stop
Take this chance
And give it everything you’ve got
Come on and let the rhythm drop

We’re dancing in the rain
Dancing in the rain

Keep on like it’s never ending
Keep on till the light of day
Keep on dancing in the rain
The rain, the rain

Deja caer
Deja la lluvia caer
The rain, the rain, the rain

Deja caer
Deja la lluvia caer
The rain, the rain, the rain

The Rain, the rain


Deja caer
Deja la lluvia caer

Aunque llueva y nos mojemos
No pararemos de bailar

Keep on dancing in the rain
The rain, the rain”


Spain finished 10th in the Grand Final with 74 points.

Eurovision Song Contest Rewind 2014 Spain - "Dancing In The Rain" by Ruth Lorenzo

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