One of the songs that featured in my Weekly Playlist recently was from a band called AstroMaps. I really liked it so I wanted to find out more and luckily the band were willing to answer a few of my questions.

AstroMaps are an indie rock band from Miami, Florida. Their song “Would Be Lion” is the one that introduced me to them.


Other than their songs I didn’t really know too much about them so – over to them.

Tell me about yourselves…

The short and simple answer? We are four adventure-seeking, fun-loving dudes that thrive on the good times. We are hooked on the drug that is rock and roll and want to share it with the world for many years to come, constantly looking for mountains to climb in our musical endeavors (which we hope to achieve rather sooner than later).

We have often been described as zany, waggish veterans of the Miami local pool but we prefer to be distinguished by our electric live performances and our ever-growing “funky” sound that has often been referred to as “Astro-Pop.” It would also be neat to note that we have a very whimsical sense of humor that strands from weirdly nonsensical statements to native Miamian lingoes.


Brilliant – I love the term “Astro-Pop”!  What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

AstroMaps has been around since mid-2009, and ever since our first show we were hooked on rockin’. It is a bit difficult to trace back these wonderful and powerful moments of our lives and select a considerable pinnacle of our short career, but this is a great question nonetheless.

One of our favorite moments, perhaps, was the time we performed at Grand Central Miami. We felt like we had such a responsive, energetic crowd of 800 people willing to party with us. It was indeed a memorable night but, again, it is not like we do not get this vibe from playing anywhere else. Since playing at Grand Central, we have been welcomed by hundreds of venues in the Downtown region in addition to the blossoming Wynwood Art region in Miami that have all accounted for even more electrifying nights filled with passion and sweat. Going on our tours was also something we considered to be a holy experience; to be able to interact and meet such great artists/people from other cities really puts into perspective how deep-rooted the music scene really is, not to mention all the insight we obtained from being able to tackle the ideal of leaving your hometown to play in various cities and states around the East Coast.

P.S. Any house party we play at, we throw it down. We throw it down to the ground.


Cool! Can I book you for my next house party? 

Throwing it down!


I love the sound of “Would Be Lion” – what’s the inspiration behind it?

We would be lying if we told you.


Good answer! If you could work with anyone, who would it be?

Albert Hammond Jr, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Pit Bull, St Vincent, Lorde, Damon Albarn, Cage the Elephant, Tame Impala, Future Islands!


I love St Vincent – a collaboration between you and her would be truly awesome!

It states on your Facebook page that your “band interests” is Pasta Hut. What else do you enjoy other than Pasta Hut?

Fireworks, Smash Bros, Chipotle 3/4 members, Wendy’s 1/4 members.


Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. What’s on your mp3 player right now?

Most of our music on our devices are actually local groups from the Miami/Northern Florida region such as Sunghosts, Wilkes Oswald, Salas, Sigh Kicks, the Coax, Palette Town, The Inverted.

The other half is Vampire Weekend, Spoon, First Impressions of Earth, Alt-J, Foals, CHVRCHES, Bon Iver, Local Natives, Revolver, Tokyo Police Club, and a lot of Cage the Elephant.


Great to see the support of local groups! Do you know what the number one song in the US was on the day you were each born?

No. So we will default to “I Want Candy” by Aaron Carter.


Interesting default…check out to find out the actual songs. In the meantime – here’s Aaron…


Why AstroMaps?

We started the band under the name “Astronaut”. We had always known there were other groups performing under the same name but it never really slowed us down. That is until we got on Spotify and realized our songs were being streamed under a DJ in the UK called “Astronaut”. At this point we had grown a bond with what Astronaut meant to us so tossing it out would break our hearts; but we had to face the facts. That being said, it has been a wild journey from where we started as a band to where we are now. This news became our chance to present the evolution of our sounds and ideas in a fell swoop. A lot of soul-searching and a few four lokos later, AstroMaps was conceived!

Fun Fact: The name was actually first suggested by Guitarist, Mister Craig’s father.


I have to say – I much prefer the new name.

Who do you think should clean up at the Grammy awards?

The Janitors


What’s next for AstroMaps?

Coastline Music Festival 2015! SXSW in Austin, Texas with our boys Sunghosts!

Dropping a new single on all the haters!


I look forward to hearing that new single!

Thanks guys for taking the time to answer my questions and be sure to “throw it down” at the Coastline festival!


Check out more of their songs and follow AstroMaps on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, and YouTube.


OMG – Pft me…


Written by Steve

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