You’ve Been Chipmunk-ed

At some point everyone has “Chipmunk-ed” a song i.e. speeded it up to make the voices high-pitched. Sometimes singers and bands do this too and…it works – sometimes. What songs would I include on a Chipmunk mix-tape?

“Lonely” by Akon

This was a big hit and at that particular time I was actually quite lonely.


“Spaceman” by Babylon Zoo

This song was a big con. Everyone heard it on a TV advert for Levis and liked the song intro, went out and bought the CD only to find out the rest of the song was shit!


“The Logical Song” by Scooter

The hardcore rave act sampled Supertramp and I have to say it was an excellent “holiday song”.


“I Want To Be A Hippy” by Technohead

Hmmm – bouncy song this one. Seriously, I used to listen to this kind of crap.


I do, however, remember that The Smurfs did a kinda cover version of this – yeah, it just gets weirder by the second.


Before we descend into the oblivion – of course, we can’t forget the actual Chipmunks…

“We’re The Chipmunks” by The Chipmunks


What about you? What songs, with or without the word Friday, give you that TGIF feeling?

OMG – Pft me…