10 Bands You’ve Probably Never Heard: The Letter J

Fish Of Gold

This is the series where I share with you some great bands from my music collection that should be more famous. This post contains bands that start with the letter J according to my iTunes.

James Cotton

If you like the blues, if you know names like Howlin’ Wolf, BB King and John Lee Hooker, you’re missing out if you don’t know James Cotton. This man can play the harmonica like nobody’s business.

Origin: Tunica, Mississippi
Genre: Blues, Chicago blues, Delta blues, Jazz, Memphis blues
Years active: 1953–present

Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band

This is a mighty fine pickin’ right here, I tell you what. I am a sucker for the fiddle, banjo and mandolin, and they have all three. Also, upright bass. WIN.

Origin: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Genre: bluegrass, alt country, alt bluegrass, roots
Years active: 2000s–present

James Cole Pablo

I’m really not sure what genre(s) this fits into…

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