Knees Up – Eastenders 30th Anniversary

A popular UK soap opera that I grew up with was Eastenders and the show is celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary in 2015. What songs would I include on an Eastenders mix-tape?

There have been some successful soap star turned pop star instances but there has also been some spectacular failures. Let’s review some of the most memorable in both instances

“Every Loser Wins” by Nick Berry

Nick played love rat Simon Wicks and performed this song in the show. Somebody, somewhere thought it to be a good idea to release it as a single. It did get to Number One but it also makes me a little bit sick in my mouth!


“Sweetness” by Michelle Gayle

Michelle played Hattie and is possibly one of the most successful in the music world too. Not only did she have a string of hits she also tried for Eurovision in 2008 and I think she totally deserved to go on and represent the UK but sadly was beaten by an X Factor reject who then eventually came last in the Eurovision final…


“Anyone Can Fall In Love” by Anita Dobson

Is it ever a wise decision to put words to the theme song of a soap and have one of the actors sing it? No, Anita/Angie – just no!


“Good Day” by Sean Maguire

Sean played Aidan and did have a few chart hits but I think that was more down to his teeny bop image than his actual singing talent.


“Perfect Moment” by Martine McCutcheon

Martine played everybody’s favourite – Tiffany. She wanted to leave and start a pop career so she was killed off in the show with no chance to return when her music career dive bombed almost as quickly as Tiffany did when Frank Butcher hit her with his car.


What about you? I’m sure there are ones I’ve missed so what was your favourite Eastender turned popstar song?

OMG – Pft me…