Michelle Gayle

During one of my many wanders down Eurovision memory lane I was reminded of the awesome song from Michelle Gayle. I couldn’t just leave it there and so I asked Michelle to answer a few questions for me – she very kindly agreed!

Who Is Michelle Gayle?

Michelle Gayle is a recording artist, songwriter, actress, TV presenter and author. Is there nothing this amazing lady can’t do?

I was first introduced to her in the UK Soap Opera – Eastenders but the song that catapulted her into the charts was Sweetness.

So – let’s hear from Michelle…

Many people remember you as the feisty Hattie from Eastenders and the show is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year. In 30 words or less – what have you been up to recently?

People of a ‘certain age’ remember me as Hattie. (usually 30 fears old and above). People slightly younger tend to remember my songs. Recently, I have been writing. My third novel was released in the summer and I’m developing a couple of dramas for TV.

Good luck with the TV dramas I look forward to that even if you have just made me feel old as I am of that “certain age” you mention!

What was your favourite Eastenders storyline?

My favourite “Hattie” Eastenders storyline was being pregnant for Steve but overall favourite was Den and Angie’s break up.

Ah, of course – you, me and 30.1 million viewers tuned in on Christmas Day 1986 to see this come to a climax!

I’m a massive Eurovision fan – do you still love it and what made you decided to enter the UK selection process in 2008 with this brilliant track…?

I stopped watching Eurovision when I became a teenager but I entered the UK selection process when I received a request to enter a song by BBC. I didn’t have anything suitable so got with a producer and wrote and recorded the song within 24 hours, sent it in and the BBC liked it!

And who wouldn’t like it? It was a miscarriage of justice that it didn’t go on to represent the UK.

Were you secretly pleased when the UK ended up in last place that year?

I’m never pleased to see the UK come last. We’ve given a lot to music (just check out this year’s Grammys) and the voting appears biased.

I totally agree – the voting does tend to be somewhat political but to be fair we have entered some poor songs in the last few years!

What’s your favourite Eurovision song ever?

“Making Your Mind Up” by Bucks Fizz

Superb choice! Shall we listen, shall we…oh go on then…

I think you should release “Woo (You Make Me)” – are you up for it?

Sure, I’m up for it! 🙂

Ace! Note to all record companies – get this song released ASAP.

What’s on your mp3 player right now?

Right now I’m listening to a lot of Krept and Konan, and Fekky. Grime when it’s good is phenomenal.

Great – I’m always up for trying different things so here’s some Krept and Konan…

What’s your thoughts on TV reality contests such as The Voice?

People have to remember that being a TV show takes prerogative – thus the ‘sob’ stories. It’s then very hard to emerge a credible singer but it can be done!

Agreed! It’s good when there’s a balance and we do end up with a star.

Michelle is no stranger to TV reality shows and gave a great performance on the show “Reborn In The USA”.

What was the UK Number one song on the day you were born?

Sorry, I have no idea – research needed!

Research done and since you aren’t supposed to reveal a lady’s age here is the just the song…

It’s almost Valentine’s day – what’s the plans?

It’s Valentines day every day in our house. Ahhhh!

Hang on while I vomit in my mouth – haha, only joking have a great one!

Thank you SO much for taking the time to answer my questions and good luck with whatever project you take on next!

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