Madonna Albums: Erotica

Queen Of Pop, Madonna, is about to release her 13th studio album.

The imminent release of “Rebel Heart” hasn’t come without hitting the headlines for various reasons but let’s ignore that for now. Instead, let’s build up to the big release by remembering her previous twelve studio albums.

Madonna’s first book publication, Sex, a coffee table book containing explicit photographs featuring the singer released simultaneously with “Erotica” and marked Madonna’s first release with Maverick, her own multi-media entertainment company, which consisted of record and film production companies. Erotica is considered a concept album about sex and sexuality; she incorporated an alter ego for both the title track and Sex named Mistress Dita, inspired by actress Dita Parlo; she talks about sex and romance throughout the album. However, other songs also take on a more confessional tone, influenced by the loss of Madonna’s two close friends to AIDS.

In the United Kingdom, Erotica debuted at number two on the UK Albums Chart, on October 24, 1992. It remained at its peak at number two for three weeks, and a total of 38 weeks on the chart. The album was certified two times platinum on June 1, 1993, by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) for shipments of 600,000 copies.

Until I re-listen to this and perhaps change my mind I am currently of the opinion that this is my least favourite Madonna album. It was also one of the very first “cassettes” that I ever bought!

Track 1 – Erotica

The title track and too much of a mish-mash in my opinion. I’m sure it’s very arty and everything but I just find it a little scary.


Track 2 – Fever

A good version of a classic song – I remember wishing all the songs on this album had this kind of sound.


Track 3 – Bye Bye Baby

This song just annoyed me – she sounded like a little girl.


Track 4 – Deeper And Deeper

This was more like the Madonna I wanted to hear and is one of my “stand out ” tracks on the album.


Track 5 – Where Life Begins

A fairly relaxed song but also fairly forgettable.


Track 6 – Bad Girl

This was used in the soundtrack to one of Madonna’s many acting attempts. I like this one – although it’s all about sex and stuff I find it very non-threatening.


Track 7 – Waiting

I’m really not a big fan of these songs where there is just a lot of talking…


Track 8 – Thief Of Hearts

Not a lot of songs begin with the word “bitch” so credit where credit’s due. I liked this one and I can remember thinking that this is one that you could at least song along to.


Track 9 – Words

I can’t really remember this one but it kind of sounds like it’s trying to be “Vogue” at some points.


Track 10 – Rain

This is one of, if not the best tracks on the album. It’s not trying to be controversial and is just a simple, nice ballad.


Track 11 – Why’s It So Hard?

It sounds like most other songs on this album but just with different words.


Track 12 – In This Life

Is it almost the end of the album yet?


Track 13 – Did You Do It?

Where’s the “skip” button?


Track 14 – Secret Garden

Thank God this is the last track!


My opinion has not changed – I think this is the worst album that Madonna has ever released!


What are your Madonna memories?

OMG – Pft me…