Forget geography – Australia is set to enter the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. There’s a lot of rumours/wish-lists about who should be their entry but what would I go for?

What would be on my Australiavision mix-tape?

Let’s think logically about this? Who are the biggest pop stars that have come out of Australia and what has been one of the biggest successes at Eurovision? I would say Abba have been the most successful Eurovision act so let’s pick a supergroup made up of two girls and two guys and then I’ll choose the song.

Kylie Minogue

I would have to choose Kylie but in light of the fact that she said she would never do Eurovision or even appear in the 30th anniversary celebrations of Neighbours (the soap that made her FAMOUS) then she should be so lucky that she would even be asked in the first place. Shame on you Kylie.


Darren Hayes

Darren, of Savage Garden fame, has Eurovision written all over him – an excellent choice!


Natalie Imbruglia

One of my favourite singers ever entering one of my favourite things ever would be just simply awesome and epic!


Jason Donovan

You can’t really have Kylie without having Jason can you, really?


So, singers selected – what about the song? It would have to be an uptempo, all singing, all dancing affair. How about a modern version of something like Deuce’s attempt at entering Eurovision for the UK in 1995? Deuce were robbed that year in my opinion! I wondered whatever happened to them…I might have to find out – I have previous after all so watch this space…


“I Need You” by Deuce


What about you? What songs would be on your Australiavision mix-tape?

OMG – Pft me…


Written by Steve

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