UK Eurovision 2015 Song Revealed: “Still In Love With You” by Electro Velvet

The BBC announced the song to represent the UK in Vienna for Eurovision 2015. The song is called “Still In Love With You” by Electro Velvet.

It was announced live on the BBC red button by Scott Mills. Watch it HERE.

Imagine if Post Modern Jukebox…

Did a cover version of Doop…

And that would pretty much sum up “Still In Love With You”. 

The duo submitted it themselves so BBC Introducing were not involved this year as far as I know. It’s certainly different, a bit risky, possible ridicule but come on its Eurovision and it’s all about the fun factor! 

After a big ballad winning last year perhaps it’s time to have some fun?

Let’s hope this song can bring the Eurovision trophy back to the UK!

What do you think of the song?

OMG – Pft me…