Queen Of Pop, Madonna, is about to release her 13th studio album.

The imminent release of “Rebel Heart” hasn’t come without hitting the headlines for various reasons but let’s ignore that for now. Instead, let’s build up to the big release by remembering her previous twelve studio albums.

Music” is the eighth studio album by Madonna. Musically, this album has something for everyone with an overall dance-pop and electronica vibe. However, the album also contains elements of rock, country and folk, also including the use of vocoder on many tracks.

Released on September 18, 2000 “Music” debuted at number one in over 23 countries around the world, and was Madonna’s first album to reach the top of the Billboard200 in 11 years since Like a Prayer”


Track 1 – Music

I must admit that I do like albums that have the title track as the first track – it just makes logical sense to me. Love that Ali G stars in this video and this track is a great introduction to the album and a brilliant way of following up “Ray Of Light”


Track 2 – Impressive Instant

This track was originally intended to be released as a single but due to some disagreement it never happened. Shame as I’m sure the video would have been fab. Very dancy, very catchy this song has everything.


Track 3 – Runaway Lover

Although I do like this track I think it would have been best placed on “Ray Of Light”


Track 4 – I Deserved It

What I really enjoyed about this album was the use of the country/acoustic guitar sound and this track shows that off and is a great ballad. Here’s Madge performing it live…


Track 5 – Amazing

Starts off with a hint back to older songs such as “Borderline” and then turns into a punchy modern-day amazing track.


Track 6 – Nobody’s Perfect

This is actually one of my favourite tracks on this album. Some might say the use of the vocoder is more annoying these days but I love it.


Track 7 – Don’t Tell Me

The best way I can describe this track and video is a countrified version of “Ray Of Light”


Track 8 – What It Feels Like For A Girl

Madge goes all “Kill Bill” in the video to this song. Good effort!


Track 9 – Paradise (Not for Me)

A nice track to unwind the album down with.


Track 10 – Gone

The last “official” track on the album and a brilliant acoustic drive track.


Bonus Track – American Pie

As far as mistakes go, Madonna recording a cover version of this classic track is, in my eyes, almost as big a mistake as deciding to ignore the #nocapes rule!


What are your Madonna memories?

OMG – Pft me…


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