Madonna’s Rebel Heart Review: Living For Love

After months of anticipation and being in the headlines for various reasons, Madonna’s latest album “Rebel Heart” is finally available.

I’m still reviewing all of her previous albums but this new one deserves a track by track post on its own.

In no particular order next up is “Living For Love”.

This is the first official track to be release and I have to admit when I first heard I didn’t think too highly of it. However, it has grown on me and now I really like it.

As we all know this is the song that she performed when she had her little accident at The Brit Awards but the lyrics couldn’t have fitted better! She got up off her ass and carried on – proving she is the ultimate superstar.

It has a nice retro feel to it but is very deserving of it’s place within the current musical culture. Keep carrying on Madge!

Watch her perform it at The Grammy Awards without falling over and then have a look at the official video below.

What do you think?


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