A Paddy’s Mix Tape (By An Actual Irish Lassie) – Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Steve and I were talking the other day about his Friday Mix Tape post and how he was planning to base it around the approaching St Patricks Day. He asked me if I wanted to add some input, me being from the Emerald Isle and all and without thinking I says “Sure what would be the feckin point in that, I don’t even know any Irish music”. WTF, about 30s seconds after I said it, my mind was awash with all the amazing bands that have come from Ireland, both North and South.

The list of artists / bands who have already made it to the dizzy heights would be endless, U2, Snow Patrol, Thin Lizzy, Ash and Van Morrison to name but a few. But what about the others who were equally as awesome, but perhaps not as well known, perhaps it’s time to give them a shout out.

So here goes, in order to rectify my earlier foolish statement, I have compiled my top 5 cream of the crop Irish artists that you may or may not have heard of before. See above, I put on my suit and everything, I hope you appreciate that!

Christie Hennessy – Roll Back the Clouds

Christie Hennessy I guess would have been classed as an Irish folk singer-songwriter. His unique sound and huge talent were matched only by his personality. He was an absolute gentleman, who devoted most of his life to music. Listening to the lyrics of this song goes a little to showing the struggles he faced. Sadly Christie passed away on the 11th December 2007.

The Hothouse Flowers – I can see clearly now

The Hothouse Flowers released this single in 1990 and although not their own song (it’s a cover of Johnny Nash cover), it’s probably my most favourite of all they released. My 19 year old self spent many nights in the dark listening to this song on repeat.

The Waterboys – A Man is in Love

Out of my list the Waterboys would probably be the best known, their song ‘The Whole of the Moon’ made it to Number 3 in the UK charts. That said this little song from the album Room to Roam would have to be my favourite.

Duke Special – Portrait

Duke Special hails from Northern Ireland. His sound and hobo chic dress make him very unique. Not to be missed, his romatic style and use of old 78s is a pleasure to listen to.

Farmer Dan – Horse it into ya Cynthia

Farmer Dan and Horse it into ya Cynthia became famous thanks to airplay on Hugo Duncan’s radio show. For weeks it was the talk of the town and people all over the Emerald Isle were told to horse all manner of things into themselves. A fun and catchy song that has a weird way of working itself into your head.

There are many more songs I could have included, but honestly when I start to think about it we’d be here all fecking night, the talent to come from this wee place is just endless.

See you next year and up the eejits!