One Direction Split – Songs To Drown Your Sorrows To And Get Over It

Apparently Zayn Malik is too stressed to be performing with One Direction right now…oh come on he’s left the band and is going solo – let’s face reality here. If I had to make a mix-tape of artists who have been in succesful  bands and then quit to go solo, what would I include?

Geri Halliwell – “Look At Me”

Straight from the Spice Girls to a mildly successful solo career – don’t you just love Geri?


George Michael – “Careless Whisper”

Although he hadn’t technically left Wham at this point the writing was on the toilet wall!


Justin Timberlake – “Like I Love You”

Apparently NSync were on hiatus when Justin released this – hiatus my ass, Justin wanted a solo career and to be Michael Jackson by the look of it.

NOTE: Michael was also in a band prior to his solo career and subsequent death.


Beyonce – “Crazy In Love”

Much like Justin, Beyonce got a severe dose of the hiatuses from Destiny’s Child. Her hiatus was so successful that when she performed again with the other girls at the Super Bowl they simply looked like poor backing singers.


Louise  – “Light Of My Life”

Louise was thrown out of Eternal for being the wrong colour. Of course that’s not true…or is it?


What about you? What songs would be on your mix-tape? Get well soon Zayn…

OMG – Pft me…